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Friday, November 27, 2015

Term 1 completed!

So although we began our homeschooling journey almost a year ago now (CRAZY!), we just completed Term 1 of Ambleside Online. Malachi is in their year 5 curriculum and Jonah is in year 1. It's based on Charlotte Mason's educational model, and is incredible! The boys' school books are all living books, not textbooks, and are so fun to read and digest! They are learning about Shakespeare, many poets and composers and artists, even Plutarch, and doing handicrafts, learning french, latin, memorizing poems and Scripture, practicing musical instruments daily in addition to math and copywork, geography, typing, health, science, literature, history, nature study and more! If you haven't ever heard of Ambleside; you should check out their site - I believe it's a wonderful and FRUGAL way to teach boys especially, and am looking forward to continuing this method of school over the next 15 years! :)

We took a break for thanksgiving week after they took their term 1 exams which they aced! ;-) It's been a fun week; lots of reading and board game playing and lego creating and time with my family in Duluth. I have SO much to be thankful for, including going hunting with my sweet hubby for the first time, and for him getting a doe and buck this year! We will be set for meat and I am so grateful! Feeding 3 growing boys is NOT inexpensive! Ha!


We are decorating for Christmas tomorrow and are so excited! The boys love pulling a chain off our Christmas countdown every day. We are also going to read one Christmas book a day in December. (All this past week I read a Thanksgiving book to them daily.)

December brings so much joy... so many fun traditions and opportunities to teach our boys what Christmas is truly about - JESUS! And remind myself in the process. December is always very emotional for me as well, with Samuel's birthday only a week before Christmas. He would be turning 8 on December 17. He is so missed...

Anyways, we start Term 2, week 13 of our 36 week year on Monday! Excited to dive back in, with some new books too! New poet, artist, composer, and hymn and folksongs! As well as new verses and poems for the boys to memorize! Life is good, God is even greater, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to teach and be with these precious boys of ours. Prayer for patience is ALWAYS needed and appreciated though.
God is sure growing me through all this as well!

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