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Saturday, January 10, 2015

First week is done!

So, our first full week of homeschool has come and gone. My brain felt as if it were on an information overload by yesterday afternoon when we finished for the day. But it was a good feeling! I am now always thinking of how I can make things educational, or turn something into a teaching moment...

The boys said they enjoyed their week, especially being with each other, and with my mom and I more. There are definitely adjustments to be made... mostly with a new curriculum from what they are used to, and a few different concepts. We had some frustrating moments; which consisted of the boys feeding on each other's silliness and getting off task somewhat. Malachi and Jonah each had tears once when they didn't understand or want to do something, but we overcame that! I did get headaches for a few days though, I think from the stress of wanting to get all our school work completed, and that it be done well... 

Asher loves having his brothers around all the time now. He has his own school work, and really likes it. He joins us for most of the subjects we all do together. I can't believe he'll be 4 on May day. Our baby is growing up too fast!

My most favorite subject to teach is piano! I just love playing, and seeing how well the boys are picking it up. Malachi is especially skilled, probably because of his age, but also from a natural talent. Jonah is also doing quite good for just having turned 6!

I know I wouldn't trade the time I'm gaining back with my boys for anything. For the first time in years, I now feel like I am getting to know Malachi again. (This was his 6th year of public school.)

The most positive effect so far from this new and daunting venture is that Jonah's attitude towards Asher is much softer and gentler. From the time Asher was about 18 months, Jonah really started not liking him, and being rough with him when he took his toys, etc. It has been something we've really had to work on the past few years. Jonah had already been getting better about it, but now with doing lots more daily devotions, and talking about sin, and how we can choose to not be that way, Jonah has just been loving on Asher. He snuggles with him at night, talks in this super sweet voice to him, is letting him sit by him to eat (something he never did before), and they are playing together so nicely! I am thankful and overjoyed to see this change, and just love how God works!

I have also been extremely patient, and know that is a God-thing! 
No regrets about this week for sure!

Physical Education with Daddy!

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