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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our week...

Our week has had its ups and downs... let me share a few of them with you! ;-)

On Monday, Malachi had a surgical dental consult 1 1/2 hours away. He has already had some dental surgeries and even thinking about the dentist upsets him. He had a very hard time focusing on his school work all morning... I actually didn't think he would finish. Especially since we had to be done early to leave for the appointment. 

Then, at the conclusion of Jonah's piano lesson, he fell off the bench and hit his chin on it. His teeth cut up the inside of his mouth and lip... blood everywhere! It was fairly traumatic. Poor little guy. After that, he didn't think he could hold a pencil and write, but once I managed to calm him down, he did all right.

It just wasn't a good morning in general. I found myself getting frustrated, but am proud to report that I didn't yell or completely lose my cool! 

On Wednesday with my mom, the boys didn't listen so well, and ended up getting X's for the day. Which means they now lose a weekend privilege. Also, Malachi colored beards, mustaches and EYEBROWS on his little brothers' faces (he gets that from his Daddy! Haha!) and they aren't washing off very well. I wasn't too happy to see their faces all marked up, and a bit embarrassed of how they looked since we were at church all night for Faith & Friends and youth group. ;-) 

But today, (Thursday) has been FABULOUS! I mean, absolutely wonderful! The boys have been so focused, and working through all their subjects with ease! I am encouraging Jonah to read more and more of his directions for problems instead of me reading them to him. He does so well! I  enjoy listening to him sound and figure out the words. Malachi now does his chores without asking, and I was just beaming watching Asher help him all on his own. Malachi was showing Asher where things go (i.e. small fork vs. big fork.)  
Now I'm listening to the sound of all 3 boys happily playing legos together. The change in how Jonah treats and talks to Asher really is huge. How God works never ceases to amaze me! I've had some deep and meaningful talks with them the past few weeks, and we all enjoy our devotions during breakfast. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world!

Ice-fishing with Grandpa John!

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  1. haha that is soooo funny about how they were at church with marker all over their faces. Kids are great! :) Love your blog!